The city

Well known for its great charm as a result of the fusion of its two strong and passionate souls coexisting within its walls, the African and the Andalusian ones, Marrakech is a city rich in contrasts, colours, flavours, suggestions that have remained unchanged over the centuries. Buildings red plastered walls gave to the city the name of “red city” .

Those who would venture for a holiday in the “red city” will find a magical place, which will stick in their mind forever.


The souk is the traditional Berber market, an endless succession of stands selling the most varied objects, form the local handicraft to the very different kinds of food, spiced and tasty culinary specialties.

It is very easy to get lost there, being captured and distracted by the immense variety of goods and by the voices of sellers who want to attract tourists.


Handicraft products are made by following the traditional techniques, as for example tanned and painted leather with special treatments unchanged over the time. Precious fabrics, lamps, finely decorated Berber jewellery and the coloured babouche, the typical Berber shoe.