Riad El Arco is a typical Moroccan Riad with modern feel. It is a family run, contemporary Riad in the very best area of the Medina, close to the souks, the monuments and the main square.
Newly built, it is calm and peaceful. The modern Moroccan décor brings to mind the charm of traditional Riad architecture while providing the travellers all the comforts. The renovation was made with full respect of the old architectural standards and exclusively using the most typical materials of the country.

A three levels building, ground floor, 1st floor and roof terrace, with the arches overlooking the courtyard, keeping the classical Moroccan structure. Traditional materials have been used for the decoration of the entire building: geometric shapes, arabesque images, plasters, zellige tiles and tadellakt in order to give our clients the opportunity to feel and live an authentic Moroccan experience.

From our typical Moroccan dishes, to the tea ritual, the kindness of our staff in hosting our clients, to the riad design, we have tried to rebuild the charming typical atmosphere of local houses.

Socially responsible project

We are proud because we kept going this project always by trying to encourage local communities and considering the local roots an added value.  All the constructions works have been performed by local workers and experienced craftsmen.  Decorations and materials have been carefully chosen in Marrakech workshops or in the nearby mountains  markets. We chose to employ local staff, coming from different Moroccan regions because we very much appreciate their capacity to establish human relationships and to live together with other cultures.

The structure

Riad el Arco has been built on 3 levels: ground floor, 1st floor and roof terrace.

At the ground floor, from the main hall you can come into the courtyard, the typical Moroccan structural element. A dining room, with its 3 big windows  overlooking the courtyard creates a calm and bright atmosphere and a double room is just at the front. There you can have breakfast or dinner.  

Next to the dining room, separated by a fireplace and 2 arches, there is a small living room where you can relax, by reading or having a Moroccan tea. Just next to the main entrance, the Riad has a kitchen for the exclusive use of the personnel. Our cook will know how to satisfy the most demanding palates with her special breakfasts and Moroccan dinners.

At the 1st floor there are double and familiar rooms, overlooking the courtyard.

At the last floor, a big roof terrace (which is the only smoking area) with a special covered area with big Moroccan sofas and small tables where you can have a panoramic breakfast and an open air area with sunbeds, berber hammam, massage room and a small rooftop pool.


Meant tea is very common in Morocco. It is prepared and consumed several times per day. It is considered as hospitality beverage and has digestive and toning effects. It is prepared following a special ritual by the householder. When it is well prepared, it is poured from an arm’s length above each glass. Mixed with green tea, meant leaves and sugar, it is first poured in several glasses, then poured back in the teapot, and back in the glasses several times until the householder thinks that the tea has the right flavour.

Tea is masterfully served for 3 times, and with precision into the glasses in order to have a nice foamy head. This ritual will give the tea 3 different aftertastes, as this proverb says:

the first glass is gentle as life,
the second glass is strong as love,
the third glass is bitter as death.

At your arrival, we will be glad to welcome you with the best tea ever in order to soak up the atmosphere of the city and of the Moroccan culture.

Marhaba! (Welcome!)


What better experience to travel to a country which is extremely  rich in history and traditions, charm and mystery, where the spices make each meal special. Our Moroccan dinners, carefully prepared by our expert cook,  will satisfy the most demanding palates in a unique atmosphere. Couscous, tajine, typical salads and the best tea with its intense and warm aroma and accompanied by typical pastries!

A sensorial experience through perfumes, flavours and sensations thanks to the historical use of spices.

Freshly made products, contrasting flavours, well-chosen spices, the texture of main ingredients make our meals a real delicacy.

And when you will think back to these intense flavours you tested, when seated at the table during your travel through Morocco, enjoying every taste, you will for sure desire to be back there, where spices still make every meal magical.

Bessaha! (Have a good meal!)