La Tbourida

6 Dec

La Tbourida

The Tbourida is an ancient equestrian art dating back to the fifteenth century and represents a military assault of Arab warriors and Berbers.

From generation to generation, it has retained a strong spiritual dimension, above all because it puts the horse, a sacred animal in Islam, at the center of an impressive show.

Associated with holidays, religious events and agricultural festivals, it is often also called “Fantasia” to indicate that it is about entertainment and fun.

Despite the light character that this representation can take, it is still a fascinating and sophisticated equestrian show. In fact, the group of knights, usually from 11 to 15, follow the precise instructions of a group leader and are dressed in traditional and regulatory clothing.

Every year regional and interregional competitions are held, during which the knights ‘talent and respect for the rules are rewarded: the salute, the knights’ estate, the characteristics of the horse, the ability to handle firearms, the rhythm of the gallop and accuracy in simultaneous final firing.

An art sure to be discovered during your trip to Morocco!

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